What is safe online exam?

It is a safe online exam system that enables exams to be conducted within your institution with a safe browser and also image analysis based on artificial intelligence supported.

  • Safe exam browser
  • Face Recognition and Comparison
  • Out-of-Screen Look Detection
  • Blank Screen Detection
  • Phone Usage Detection
  • Second Person Detection
  • IP and Location Detection

You can immediately use the online Secure E-Exam infrastructure that your institution needs.

Image analysis based

on artificial intelligence

The qulakexam system is an artificial intelligence-based dynamic system that solves the security needs of online exams without the need for additional resources.

Face recognition and comparison

If a person other than the student takes the exam, the system identifies this person.

Out-of-Screen Look

If the candidate looks at places other than the screen, the system instantly detects and records the situation.

Blank Screen Detection

If the candidate leaves the screen, the system detects the situation and records it.

Phone Usage Detection

If the candidate uses a phone, the system detects the situation instantly and records it.

Second Person Detection

If a second face is detected on the exam screen, the system detects the situation and records it.

Safe exam browser

Candidates are restricted from other activities using the safe exam browser.

IP and Location Detection

During the exam, the IP and location of the candidate are determined and the entrance to the same exam from different IP and locations is detected.

Shuffle questions

Cheating attempts are prevented by shuffling the order in which the questions asked in the exam are asked to the student.

Shuffle answers

The questions asked in the exam are shuffled and given to the candidate.

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qulakexam features

qulakexam system is a system that eliminates the technical difficulties in preparing and conducting online exams. It provides solutions to the security needs experienced during the exam without the need for an additional resource. It offers a dynamic solution that provides feedback with its artificial intelligence based modules, manages measurement and evaluation processes, and gathers all these processes under a single roof.

Exam preparation

By adjusting the exam processes and features, exams made easily from the exam preparation engine or directly on the system.

Exam implementation

Candidates who will take the prepared exam can easily take the exam on a webbased basis through the qulakexam system without the need for additional software.

Voice and video

During the exam, the audio and video of the candidates are recorded upon request.

Assessment and evaluatıon

Exam results prepares according to the assessment method defined in the qulakexam system and transferred to the student information system.

Compatibility with personal data protectıon rule e-Stamped results

Candidates complete the approval process by reading the personal data protectıon rule consent text while activating the system. This approval process is stamped with E-Stamp. In addition, all exam processes and exam results of the student are legally recorded by signing with TÜBİTAK date time stamp.

Institutional structure

With the qulakexam system, it is possible to dynamically define and update the hierarchical structure of our institution. Special areas belonging to the institutional structure can also be parametrically defined to the system.

Integration into student

qulakexam system is designed to be integrated with all student information systems and does not need any additional software. If desired, data files such as excel, csv, which will be taken from a student information system can be directly transferred to the system.

Integration into the distance education

qulakexam system is integrated with the distance education system. In addition, the outputs of the acquisitions of the subjects on distance education systems can be synchronized to improve the training processes

What is Safe Exam browser?

The safe exam browser is a security software developed to prevent participants who take the exams held online, from doing any other activities on the computer during the exam. Thanks to this software, exam participants can only see the exam screen and perform exam procedures.

Browser and tab control

qulakexam safe exam browser is automatically launched from the exam screen, running as a full-screen application. It does not allow any other tabs to run.

Search engine and other websites

qulakexam prevents the user from accessing any search engine and website if the secure exam browser is open.

Screen sharing and virtual machines

qulakexam safe exam browser is opened, it prevents the computer's screen sharing and virtual machine applications from running.

External ports

qulakexam safe exam browser prevents the operation of external ports connecting to the computer.

Cut / Copy / Paste Operations

qulakexam safe exam browser prevents operations such as Cut - Copy - Paste.

Information sharing

qulakexam safe exam browser closes applications that are open on the computer and use the Internet.