What is the online exam?

It is an integrated exam system that enables the exams to be held within your institution to be carried out in an online manner.

  • Exam management system
  • Assessment and Evaluation System
  • Goal-earning system
  • Content management system
  • Demand management system
  • Task management system

Online Exam

qulakexam, is a system that enables online exams to be carried out easily and safely thanks to its user-friendly interface. It offers a flexible question preparation platform that provides feedback by creating analysis reports using artificial intelligence-based modules. In addition, it is an online exam system that provides a high level of exam security thanks to its exam security modules. Moreover, qulakexam, provides information security standards with end-to-end encryption properties.

Exam Portal Management

With the remote exam system, you can safely carry out all your exam processes online over the internet

Integration to institution structure

With the qulakexam system, it is possible to dynamically define and update the hierarchical structure of our institution. Special issues of the institute structure can also be parametrically defined to the system.

Question bank

You can create as many exams as you want by adding different types and numbers of questions with the rich question banks you create.

Goal - Earnings

The earnings of the course topics are defined in the system in detail on the basis of questions, topics, and courses, and you can access them as a report when desired.

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How it works?

qulakexam system is a system that eliminates the technical difficulties in preparing and conducting online exams. It provides solutions to the security needs experienced during the exam without the need for an additional resource. It offers a dynamic solution that provides feedback with its artificial intelligence based modules, manages measurement and evaluation processes, and gathers all these processes under a single roof.

Exam preparation

By adjusting the exam processes and features, exams made easily from the exam preparation engine or directly on the system.

Exam implementation

Candidates who will take the prepared exam can easily take the exam on a webbased basis through the qulakexam system without the need for additional software.

Voice and video

During the exam, the audio and video of the candidates are recorded upon request.

Assessment and evaluatıon

Exam results prepares according to the assessment method defined in the qulakexam system and transferred to the student information system.

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Welcome to the online and safe

With the digitalization of the new era, many institutions and organizations are moving their exam and evaluation systems to an online manner. While this situation is an option for today's conditions, it will appear as a necessity in the future. Using the developing technology, qulakexam offers the opportunity to conduct online exams in a more integrated and secure manner.

Traditional Exam


  • Preparing exam paper

  • Physical examination

  • Entering exam scores manually


  • Announcement of the exam date and time

  • Physical entrance to the exam in a classroom environment

  • Results after weeks



  • Online exam preparation

  • Online examination

  • Online results


  • Announcement of the exam date and time

  • Taking the online exam from anywhere

  • Real time results

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Key benefits of qulakexam secure exam system

The qulakexam is designed to ensure that all institutions and organizations carry out their online exam processes securely on the integrated platform, as well as full assessment processes.

Low Costs

Minimizes labor, operation, infrastructure, and logistics costs.

Saving Time

It saves time spent on planning, coordination and creating results.

Wider Access

Larger pool of candidates is created without geographical restrictions.


Through artificial intelligence included, it prevents duplication and different people from taking the exam and automatically warns each candidate.