Online Safe Exam System

It is a cloud-based exam software developed to make electronic exams conducted on the Internet safely and easily.



qulakexam is a system that enables online exams to be carried out easily and safely thanks to its user-friendly interface. It offers a flexible question preparation platform that provides feedback by creating analysis reports using artificial intelligence-based modules. In addition, it is an online exam system that provides a high level of exam security thanks to its exam security modules. Moreover, qulakexam provides information security standards with end-to-end encryption properties.

Online Exam

With the remote exam system, you can safely carry out all your exam processes online over the internet.

Safe Online Exam

During the exam, you can perform safe exams with different security methods you determined without the need for any tools.

Exam Portal Management

In order to create rich content, you can create as many different types and numbers of announcements, news, and events sections as you want.

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All the Tools You Need On Single Platform

qulakexam ensures that online exam processes of all institutions and organizations are carried out securely on the integrated platform and offers all the necessary tools on a single platform.

Exam Management

qulakexam can manage all exam processes from a single center and integrate with student information system.

Content Management

With the content management of qulakexam it allows you to prepare your exam portal in an integrated way. In this process, the exam portal can be prepared and published easily without the need for any coding.

Announcements and News

qulakexam system delivers all announcements and news about your exam processes to registered users on the exam portal. In addition, it provides easy preparation and publication of different announcements and news customized for users visiting the portal.

Email and Text

qulakexam, easily integrated with email and short message delivery systems and provides the opportunity to use it in all processes needed.

Assessment and Evaluation

qulakexam provides detailed measurement and evaluation of exam results

Demand / Support System

It ensures that all the demands for the exam and the tasks related to this request can be followed through the system.

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Key benefits of qulakexam secure exam system

The qulakexam is designed to ensure that all institutions and organizations carry out their online exam processes securely on the integrated platform, as well as full assessment processes.

Low Costs

Minimizes labor, operation, infrastructure, and logistics costs.

Saving Time

It saves time spent on planning, coordination and creating results.

Wider Access

Larger pool of candidates is created without geographical restrictions.


Through artificial intelligence included, it prevents duplication and different people from taking the exam and automatically warns each candidate.